"Radiant Worlds has been built from the ground up with SkySaga in mind. We work very hard at cultivating a creative company atmosphere to make the game as amazing as we possibly can!"

Ben Fisher, Design Director


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Our games are nothing without a vibrant and vocal community of avid players, and we take what you have to say very seriously. Likewise, our business partnerships rely on the frank and honest exchange of ideas and information. It all boils down to the same thing, really – that dialogue is the cornerstone of the very best relationships.

Whether that means open channels of communication with the software industry and our business partners, bustling online forums, or social media feeds that feel more like conversations with friends, it’s certainly good to talk. So let’s do just that.

SkySaga: Infinite Isles has now been announced and we are inviting people to register their interest in the forthcoming playtest. Or can keep in touch via our Twitter and Facebook pages.

And use the links to the right for all things Radiant Worlds. Whatever you do, don’t be a stranger… 

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