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"At Radiant Worlds we believe creativity flows best when there is a positive working environment where people feel relaxed, supported, and confident in their roles. This is key to developing the best game possible for our community of gamers."

David aka 'Silventus' – Head of Community & Social Media

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Five minutes with… Elle Dudley

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Want to know more about the talented staff who drive our work and innovation forward? In the first of this series, we spoke to Elle Dudley for five minutes to bring you a little bit more about her story.



Company Summer Day!

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Just a few days ago the Radiant Worlds staff had their annual Summer Day. We compiled a short highlights video to show you the fun activities our team got up to and why it’s such a pleasure to work for one of the most innovative developers in the UK!



The Rendering Technology of Skysaga: Infinite Isles

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by Kostas Anagnostou, Principal Graphics Programmer at Radiant Worlds


SkySaga has a very distinct aesthetic with vivid, saturated colours and complex lighting. It additionally supports a day-night cycle, a weather system, translucent and solid shadows, clouds, lit transparencies, volumetric fog, and many dynamic lights. Also it features a variety of biome types, from sunny or frozen forests, to scorching deserts and underground towns hidden in fog just to name a few. (more…)

Behind-the-Scenes: Character Creation

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Have you ever wondered how our creatures come to life in SkySaga? Join Trish as she discusses with Nick, Simon, and Alan how it all begins with a beautiful concept and how we implement that into our game.

Want to Know More About SkySaga?

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A few of us are currently at G-Star, and we needed to prepare a video for that, so we created an overview video with a few of the developers currently working on SkySaga. This isn’t as in-depth as most of the videos on here will be, but it gives you an idea of what we want to achieve with the game and how we’re doing that!


Featured in this video:

Ben Fisher (Design Director)
Duncan Treadgold (Programmer)
Matt Black (Audio Director)
Becky Hewitt (Designer and Community Liaison)
Paul Stockley (Senior Designer)
Hannah Fordham (Live Game Coordinator)
Ian Pestridge (Art Director)