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"I came to Radiant Worlds to take on the challenges of expanding my field of expertise and feeling empowered to make important decisions. The team fulfills this within a professional working environment that almost feels like home."

Jim Parker, Dev Ops Engineer


Radiant Worlds’ core values represent the principles and beliefs that have guided our company throughout the years. These values are reflected in employees’ decisions and actions every day.

Radiant Worlds

Work hard, play hard

We work to live – which is the sensible order of things – and live to play games. When we’re not glued to our screens developing the best sandbox adventure on the planet, we’re working on our own side-projects, battling for lunchtime bragging rights on Mario Kart or dreaming of new ways to make SkySaga even better.

Sharing of ideas

Nobody works in isolation at Radiant Worlds and no idea is too ambitious, impractical or just plain daft for serious consideration. Open communication lies at the very heart of the way we like to operate, and we start each day with a team meeting to ensure that everyone is up to speed and sharing best practices. Join us and prepare to speak your brains.

Radiant Worlds

Radiant Worlds

Industry Veterans

The ‘suits’ at Radiant Worlds rarely wear them. Sure, they spend a lot of time in meetings, but the door to their glass-fronted office is usually open otherwise. And don’t worry if one of our execs stops by for a chat – with over 30 years in the games industry and more than 100 software titles published between them, these guys really know their stuff!

Silicon Spa

Like the City of Bath on a smaller, but no less grand scale, Royal Leamington Spa – or ‘Silicon Spa as it has become known’ – is home to over 25 game development studios and filled with independent shops, neat eateries, parks, gardens, cultural venues and events and lots of lovely Georgian architecture. The River Leam weaves its way through the town centre too, making it a great place to be at any time of the year.

Radiant Worlds