Radiant Worlds Founders

“We’ve learned a lot of lessons during over 30 years in business. The most important is to create an environment that enables everyone to excel, as individuals and a team.”

Richard Smithies, COO

The founders

Radiant Worlds was founded in September 2013 by Philip Oliver, Andrew Oliver and Richard Smithies.


Philip Oliver

Chief Executive Officer

Philip and his brother Andrew Oliver initially rose to fame as the ‘Oliver Twins’ in the 1980s when they developed several hugely successful franchises, including the ‘Dizzy’ adventures and the ‘Simulator’ series.

Philip co-founded Blitz Games Studios with Andrew in 1990, where he concentrated on the creative aspect of the business.

Along with the team, he developed many original and licensed games and worked with huge clients such as Activision, Electronic Arts, Hasbro, Microsoft, THQ, Namco, Konami, Intel, Disney, DreamWorks and Sony.

Philip is now responsible for the creative side of Radiant Worlds and is a founder member of TIGA – The UK Game Developers Trade Association.

He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Business Administration from Coventry University 2008.


Andrew Oliver

Chief Technical Officer

Andrew is passionate about new technology and its potential for creating more immersive and engaging games for a global industry and a wide audience.

Along with his brother, he established Blitz Games Studios in 1990, where he guided the company in all technical aspects.

Andrew created the company’s original 3D console engine and over the years has guided the development of systems and procedures for multiple teams, working across multiple platforms.

Andrew is now responsible for the technical side of Radiant Worlds.

Andrew was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Technology from Coventry University in 2008.


Richard Smithies

Chief Operating Officer

Richard has worked in many countries worldwide and speaks several languages.

Previous jobs include Director of Global Loan Syndications for a major international bank in London and New York.

In the 1990s, his passion for and knowledge of technology resulted in him becoming Director of the High Technologies Group of Barclays Capital in New York, where he later went on to head up its Global Space Industry Group. On return to the UK in early 2000, he was appointed regional Head of Acquisitions and Private Equity for a large UK accountancy group.

Having been friends with Philip and Andrew since they were teenagers, Richard joined Blitz Games Studios in 2004 to take over responsibility for corporate strategy, business development, legal, finance, and IT.

Richard now runs the business side of Radiant Worlds, which he founded, along with Philip Oliver and Andrew Oliver in September 2013, to focus on creating and developing SkySaga.

He has a BSc in Engineering and is a fully qualified Chartered Banker.



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