SkySaga Ensemble

“I'm so proud that our team has been able to bring together technology and creativity to develop a truly wonderful experience which we are delighted to share with players around the world.”

CTO Andrew Oliver

Our Values

Everything we do – the game we are making, the way we operate and interact with one another – is founded on the lessons learned from over 30 years in business and the games industry, and is guided by the following core principles:

make fun,
have fun

We're lucky enough to be making games for a living, so we work hard to ensure that we don't ever lose our perspective. Games are fun and we should always enjoy making them!

Teamwork & Partnership

We’re really proud to have great people and partners working together in an environment that brings out the very best of their abilities.

Creativity & Passion

Our dedication and experience are matched by our creativity and passion for making games. This makes the culture at Radiant Worlds one that we are all proud of creating and maintaining.

Support, empower, inspire

Radiant Worlds is home to some of the most talented and experienced people in the games industry. We succeed by pulling together as a team with a collective vision of our goals.

Aim High, Exceed expectations

Game development is precious to us, and everything we create conveys the pride we have in our work. We always strive for the best so that everyone who plays our games will share our enthusiasm.

Listen & Improve

We pay careful attention to communication within Radiant Worlds, and remove as many barriers as possible between ourselves and you. We take what you tell us to heart.

Transparency & openness

We are very proud of what we do and how we do it, so sharing that with you and amongst ourselves is really important. We strive for openness and transparency around our company and game. The only secrets we keep are those we leave for you to discover.

Think Globally and Locally

We want to spread the fun we are creating worldwide. Eventually, SkySaga will be played everywhere and will be tailored for each audience.